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Plea to Withdraw Case Against Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery

Nature Life News Reporter - 2018/06/04

A meeting organised by Bharatiye Jan Parshad Manch and Akhil Bhartiye Chikitsa Parishad- Rajghat, New Delhi, urged the Government to withdraw the case registered against Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery.
The meeting was organised at Gandhi Peace Foundation, 221- 223 Deendayal Upadhyaya Marg New Delhi to extend solidarity and support to pre-empt his possibile arrest of Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery. The meeting was chaired by Swami Agnivesh and Dr. Ritu Priya.
It was attended by Dr. Atul Kumar, Akhil Bhartiye Chikitsa Parishad- Rajghat, New Delhi,  Ramesh Chnadra Sharma, well known Gandian Thinker and activist,  Thansingh Josh- Akhil Bhartiye Antyoday Sanstha, Gopidutt Akash –Youth Fraternity Foundaiton, Dr. Onkar Mittal, Vikram Singh, Bhartiye JanParshad Manch;  Dr. Das, of International Jagriti Foundation, Swami Anand Yogi;  and others.  In addition several messages of support from eminent persons, were received through e-mail and SMS.
The meeting took note of the criminal cases registered by the Kerala Police against Dr.  Jacob Vadakunchery of Nature Life International, for his statement on the attribution of recent deaths in month of May, 2018 to contamination of fruits by bats which carried the NIPAH virus’ in 2 districts of the state of Kerala. Without getting intricacies of the IPC, it was noted that as such no public health emergency was declared in the state for the possible spread of NIPAH virus.
In fact the statements issued by NICD clearly state that it was confined to a few pockets and the NIPAH virus was yet to be detected in the local bat populations. Dr. Jacob has merely expressed his academic opinion and viewpoint on possible alternative causative chain for these deaths. Therefore,  a matter of an academic opinion expressed by an eminent naturopathic practitioner and well known Gandhian social worker of the state.  does not come within the purview of IPC and its various provisions, by any legal norms and standards, or by any stretch of imagination.  
The meeting has appealed to Government of Kerala to take urgent steps to direct the police administration to withdraw the cases registered against Dr. Jacob. The meetings also made an appeal to health department of Kerala, and various associations  of the doctors of different systems of  medical therapies in Kerala,  to hold mutual dialogue and meeting to resolve these academic differences in the scientific spirit and work together for a common cause.
The meeting expressed its full solidarity with Dr. Jacob for his commitment to use of natural healing methods in service of prevention and treatment of ill-health in Kerala which is recognized by people in all walks of life, in the state, country and internationally.

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